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Commonly teachers are known for imparting knowledge
Sometimes teachers are known for instilling values
Sometimes they are credited for improving behaviour
At times recalled for guiding through paths of life
Few scholars praise them for moulding futures
Few learned glorify teachers for rehabilitating pasts
But very few witness the unsung virtues
Of those who change perceptions
And others who inspire innovations
Those who support naive decisions
Forgive and rectify unintentional flaws
Renowned are they as The Revered Charioteer
Who befriend their students, just like you
Happy Teacher’s Day


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Dear Love,

You once asked me “Why me?” At the spur of that moment I might have been prompt in my reply listing out those traits of yours that appealed to me. Our relationship was so naive then, filled with romance, smiles and dreams. In fact were we in a relationship then, as per science it was a phase of attraction. We saw each other through the eyes and words of the other. Skeptical about your perception but at least I saw you the way you saw yourself and portrayed myself the way I perceived myself. My perception about myself was as true as a mirror image. Attraction is a garden of roses but its relationship that drives closer to touch the thorns. Two years in a relationship with you pricked by the thorns when I asked myself “Why You?” I was forced to think. Those traits which once appealed to me no longer came to my rescue. With every passing day the mirror image got distorted, as I knew you better I saw the way the world saw you.You had changed and so did our relationship. I felt you lied to me, hided facts about you and concluded you betrayed.

It’s been days since we last spoke to each other; initially I kept your thoughts at bay, dejection out powered love. But still I can’t recollect a day when your memory never confronted me, memories of differences that shadowed likes filling me with anger, tears and depression. I felt I got over you when my anger subsided, but instead that’s when realization dawned upon me.

Mirror images are as true as eyes can see and as light can reflect so are our perceptions about ourselves. There were so many traits about me I never portrayed to you because I never recognized them myself unless others pointed them out to me, so might have been the case with you. What was heartbreaking for me was not your hidden traits but the fact that they were not disclosed along with the appealing ones. It was just a misinterpreted feeling of betrayal that created a rift. I had also changed since the time we first met but I failed to realize them.

Last few days of retrospection made me realise I have never been attached to anybody as I have been with you and love being blind was always a myth. Like every other person my sketch of a life partner was well defined and there was no scope for exceptions. But all my beliefs lived as long as I did not meet you. You entered my life from trance and you made me realize the power of estrogens over my preconceived notions. I always felt for you without much logic but all my soul.

Yes, I love you not because you are perfect but because you disintegrate my imperfections. Our relationship is not a perfect one we fight, we suspect, we lie but yet there is something that drives us together. The fact that we feel free while along. While fighting with you I learnt the art of self control. Your ignorance taught me the worth of self love. Every pain that came along made me stronger and every glee made me cheerful. The moments of longing enriched by resistance and the moments of togetherness enlightened me to value of present.

Yes you are not perfect but with you I can cherish imperfections. And isn’t perfection a myth.

None of us are perfect and both of us will change for change is persistent but despite all changes you still mean the same for me. You hold a place nobody could replace.

Today I am sure this time there is no looking back, for the beauty of rose is being beautiful despite thorns.

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There is something good in every bad,
In my bad times I found you
A quest that never seemed to end,
Found its destination in you
A friend, A teacher, a guide,
I found the entire world by your side

Amidst the darkness I found a light,
When the quicksand gulped me,
He held my hand.
A light of hope, a hand of love,
Like an angel from above

He spoke very little,
Words of knowledge,words of patience,
Words of encouragement, of confidence
There were words even in his silence.
Unknowingly I had created,
Stressful restrictions in my life,
Lots of efforts, not at a try of once
It was he who broke the painful fence

He is close to my heart,
But still he is so far from me.
My mind is grasped by him,
Whether I am alone or in a mart.

But his world is so different,
From that of mine
For me he engulfs the whole world
But for him I am just someone
For me he is the only one
But for him I am one among the many.

Like the sky,
The more I try to reach him
The farther he goes
He always warned me
That he was a dream
I fantasized him as sun
But he was a beam

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I loved you the way you were
Your games, your pranks,
Your lies and your betrayal
I loved it all.
Change was never my demand
Tried my best to make it a success.
I gave you all the space you needed
Didn’t mean I wanted you to depart.
I always left you free to breathe
But never asked to exhale me apart.
I believed your words more than your silence
It’s your words that still surround the ambiance.
You said you love me it wasn’t long back
Now how can I believe that I have been sack?
Why cant you love me?
When I love you so much
I have done the best I can do
What else can I do to get through your heart?
I stretched myself as far as I can
But failed to stretch enough to reach your end.
Only if you had conveyed that I fell weak
I wouldn’t have minded to break in the attempt.
I held you tight enough
To ensure you don’t slip away.
Don’t blame me for failing
I clinged on despite all strain
Until the day you took yourself away
Just to hand over to someone else ’s fold.

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Precious   Leave a comment

Don’t want aromatic garland of flowers
Nor do I want soft teddies to cuddle with
Neither shining jewels to embellish
They have nothing special one can’t buy
If thy love is true give me that most precious

Something only thee can confer on me….

Thy Time!!!

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A glimpse of my valentine video

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